An autodidact at heart, I’m curious and eager to seek out new knowledge wherever I go; I love to learn! I hold a positive yet skeptical perspective of the world. Constantly searching for, appreciating, and amplifying the wisdom of those around me is a process that excites me every day.

Areas of Interest: self-development, entrepreneurship, virtual & augmented reality, open source software/hardware development, site reliability engineering, collaborative problem solving, incident management software systems, geographic information systems, decentralised autonomous organizations, transparency, blockchain technologies, StackExchange, Quora, The Wikimedia Foundation, brain machine interfacing, sensory deprivation, intellectual property & copyright law, community/government structure, travel, hiking/camping, science, astronomy, humanism, stoicism, & music.

Resources & Influences

A myriad of personalities & ideals have inspired my perspective on the world today. The following are some individuals & resources that I hold in high esteem.